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Dear Sir or Madam,

SPECI S.A. - Société de Promotion et d’Etude de Concepts Immobiliers - was formed in 2001. As its corporate name implies, it operates in a specific area within the real estate market.

Large-scale real estate developments are rare in Belgium. Traditional, conventional developers are reluctant to work on multi-purpose projects, which are not within their usual remit. They restrict themselves to a limited range of projects, which they develop as separate entities: office buildings, residential developments, hotels or shopping complexes.

This being so, it is rare for companies to risk committing themselves to developing large-scale sites (tens or hundreds of hectares in size), based on the multi-purpose aspect of the development. Such projects take a long time and are difficult to set up. This pre-development phase is SPECI’s area of expertise: imagining and conceiving projects, structuring them and leading them through to the stage of administrative permits, while guiding them through the demands of the market and financial, townplanning and socio-economic imperatives. It then completes the projects with an experienced, multi-disciplinary and integrated team, motivated by a shared desire to achieve.

In the first years of its existence, SPECI took on the role of project manager for S.A. Wilhelm & Co and coordinated the pre-development phase of two of the largest multi-purpose developments in Europe: the Esplanade in Louvain-la-Neuve and Médiacité in Liège.

Since 2004, SPECI has concentrated its expertise on two ambitious projects:

¬ the Cristal Park project on the prestigious Val Saint Lambert site: developing 110 hectares of land, and renovating historical and industrial buildings;

¬ the Pôle Village site at Spa-Francorchamps: a retail and leisure park designed to complement the iconic Francorchamps circuit.

The Cristal Park project took a long time to set up. For the last six years SPECI worked on it alone, before signing a development agreement with two partners of impressive reputation. This partnership is going to propel SPECI towards the completion of the Cristal Park project and beyond it, to new horizons, new projects.... On behalf of SPECI, welcome to our world of innovation in real estate. Pierre Grivegnée,

Pierre Grivegnée,
Managing Director/CEO




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