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SPECI ’s values

Daring and determination are the cornerstone values of SPECI . In addition, SPECI pays particular attention to the environment and good governance.


“It is important to pursue an idea to the end,
and to fight to see it through, to explain it,
to make it understood and appreciated”


At SPECI, ecology is perceived as an opportunity. It is a natural vector for its design process and constructions.

In the context of the Cristal Park project, SPECI took part in the town of Seraing’s Carbon Check, the first survey of its kind to link carbon footprint with the concept design process.

SPECI holds BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) for all its buildings; it is the most commonly accepted method of assessing and improving the environmental impact of buildings (energy, health, well-being, pollution, transport, land use, biodiversity, materials and water).

All buildings, whether offices or residential dwellings, designed by SPECI are passive or are described as “low energy”, and this enhances their heritage value. In addition, any new project involves researching potential eco-synergy savings, in particular shared central heating systems.

Intelligent land use, mobility and integrated scheduling are also essential factors in Speci’s developments.

Corporate governance

SPECI accepts challenges which others refuse, and completes them with a proven success rate. Professional and cost-effective, its longterm approach calls for principles of good governance such as those as laid down in the Belgian code of corporate governance.
SPECI’S managerial structure is transparent; a reliable and trustworthy team take ownership of its decisions, believing good communication to be essential.
SPECI brings together trusted partners, known and respected for their expertise, their motivation and their commitment to high profile projects.
It starts a dialogue between shareholders and potential shareholders based on mutual comprehension of the objectives and expectations of each.

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